Heroi^^^^ Mythic Garrosh Down!


We wrapped up the expansion with our first Garrosh Heroic 25 Mythic kill.  In our final few pulls, Gurruk’s p4 strat of “Just DPS the fuck out of him and blow him the fuck up” pulled no punches and put Garrosh down (so he could do some pushups, bro). Congrats to Nilrem for his dedication and service to help resurrect Civilian in the beginning of MoP and to Mal for his great tanking, strat analysis, and overall positive attitude as these two were the first awarded the Kor’kron Juggernaut’s.

Bring on Warlords of Draenor!

We’ve Been Busy

Killing bosses, that is. Over the last 3 weeks, we have seen the fall of 4 more bosses marking the halfway point through Siege. We pummeled Pride, Jabbed Juggernaut, Slain the Shaman, and Nixed Nazgrim.  Garrosh, we’re coming for you!




Pride? Yea we're proud.

Pride? Yea we’re proud.

Heroic 2/14


A mere two weeks after returning to 25 man raiding, Civilian showed its strength by completing the first two heroics in the same night, defeating Immerseus and The Fallen Protectors. Great work!

Back in Business

Now to execute some heroic strategies

We don’t usually post when we kill a boss again but this one deserves merit. Civilian is back to 25 man raiding with our first 25 man Garrosh Kill! Thanks to our new Civilian brothers and sisters who mostly joined us from Casual Slander, we swiftly cut through the Siege of Orgrimmar like a hot knife through Yak butter. Great job everyone!

We’re still looking for capable raiders to join our 25 man roster. Inquire today!